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brandon -|- WORLDWIDE CVV2 -|- High Valid Rate -|- The Service You Can Trust -|-

Hello dear CI members , We are pleased to offer you a multi services of "CCs" Selling.

Our Products:

1- WORLDWIDE CVV2 " in stock "
2- WORLDWIDE DUMPS " coming soon "
3- Paypal/ebay accs " coming soon "

Note:- Products with stats " coming soon " we will post for them when they'r avilable.


USA -> 1pc -> $1.5-$2
CAN -> 1pc -> $4
UK -> 1pc -> $4.5$-$5
EU -> 1pc -> $6-$8
asia/others -> $5-$7

NOTE: BIG & SPECIAL orders we make good discount and bouns & soon we will make offers for bulk orders.

**Ccs valid rate %80-%95**

Services rues & terms:

Various lookup options are avilable (bins, zip, state, city) with extra $0.5
We don't sell dob+ssn+mmn etc..
Ccs sent checked or unchecked depends on what clients want , if we checked ccs before sent no replacement ever never , if sent unchecked we can replace with spcific time.
We replace only DECLINE/INVALID CCS , we don't replace CCs for vbv/mcsc or wrong address we only care about CC # + cvv2 + expdate if invalid.
Our services & support up to 24/7 everyday
don't flood our support & asking stupid questions like " what you sell " / " your prices " / " binlist " , just if you want to place order go for it & wait our support to replay you back shortly.
unchecked ccs we replace with limited time & we replace only CCS which shows non approved/decline at our private checker.
we don't re-fund / no money back ,we only do replace.
you will be able to place your orders by contact our support sales in ICQ only or PM in CI board.
Don't ask free CCs to test you can just only place your order whatever if low/big
We sent stuff INSTANT after payment.
finally please use this thread only for feedbaq if you already had deal with us ,others don't flood asking stupid questions etc...

Replacement time:

low orders [10pcs-90pcs] 4hrs only if sent unchecked , checked CCS we don't ever replace.
big orders above 100pcs 8hrs only if sent unchecked , checked we repeat we don't replace.

NOTE: we can extend your replacement time depends on the order you will place & for VIP / regular clients we also make discount & bouns for big orders.

Payment methods:

Western Union, Moneygram, 300$ minimal +%10 drop fee.
Webmoney minimal order $10.
Libertyreserve + 20% fees

NOTE: everytime we got new updates for any product we will post all info here in forum.

ICQ Sales Support: 5788881 brandon

-|- brandon Services For Carders , The Service You can Always Trust -|-
I wouldn`t trust your service just because of this "-|- brandon Services For Carders , The Service You can Always Trust -|-" , maybe i am wrong but person who is talking about trust from beggining often are the ones who can`t be trusted :)
i wana buy some usa cc that no need 3D verify without SSN,DOB,PS.......

use for games points payment.

every day tought need 30-50 pcs if as well as my need ..

so , if u Interested ,msg me ICQ 563948486
Y!H heihihello

thought first trade i need to buy one test for 2$ or 3$.. if as well as i need ill buy more .

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