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Selling German Debit Card!

I'm offering German debits (www.money4cash.eu)

The cards aren't registrated yet - so you can registrate it on any name you want!
You can deposit to card via Paysafecard and many other PaymentMethods:
For more Informations you can visit www.money4cash.eu

Attention:Normally it's not possible to buy these cards at money4cash.eu without paying 119? before getting anything and confirming your ID via German PostIdent-Process

I am able to offer you registrated cards too!

There are 3 Verification Levels for this card -> Level 1 - card only registrated -> yearly Limit 1000? - Deposits only via Paysafecard

Level 2 (ID verification via Passport) - yearly Limit 15000? - all Deposit-Methods available

Level 3 (PostIdent-Process) NO LIMITS

I can offer you:
Level 1 Debits for 100? excl. shipping
Level 2 Debits for 200? excl. shipping
Level 3 Debits for 400? excl. shipping

Shipping costs depends on where to ship the cards!
Debits can be sent via DHL / Fedex / UPS

Payment Methods accepted: Paysafecard / Ukash / Webmoney

Feel free to contact me over icq: 192341
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